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  1. I can't get rid of this excess fat
  2. I exercise and diet with no results
  3. Stubborn areas
  4. I carry my weight in my hips
  5. I lack motivation when I look in the mirror
  6. How can I lose inches off my waist
  7. Saddle bags, love handles, bra fat, double chin





Procedure Time:


~30 Min

Recovery Time:



Approx. Cost:


From $700 per cycle

Typical patients spend $1400-3200 for multiple areas


Payment Options

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CoolSculpting  |   How It Works






The Fat Really Gets Frozen

Applicators fit stubborn areas on your body.

The area is treated for 1 hour at safely regulated temperatures that damage the fat permanently.

Your Body Gets Rid of the Damaged Fat

Approximately 25% of the treated fat is systematically  removed by your body safely over the course of 1-3 months PERMANENTLY

You are Thinner

You continue to maintain or lose weight, maintain an active and healthy lifestyle and your results are visible.

Our Vision for CoolSculpting

Most people have little time or interest in an invasive surgical procedure to improve their body contour. As the leading provider of CoolSculpting in the Augusta area, we strive to choose patients who can definitely benefit from this procedure versus being a better candidate for liposuction or a tummy tuck. With 2 Board Certified Plastic Surgeons and a Certified Registered Nurse with extensive experience, you are in good hands.

CoolSculpting  |   Better than Liposuction?




Do you have time for recovery?

If the answer is no, then CoolSculpting is for you. No surgery, no labwork, no anesthesia. Back to work immediately. Results in 1-3 months.

Low pain tolerance, don't scar well?

Although there are a few patients with some discomfort afterwards, it is much less than liposuction and no scars.

Combine with exercise

With no downtime, you can continue to exercise and eat properly and see more rapid improvement in your results

FAQ  |   How much does CoolSculpting Cost in Augusta, GA?

The pricing is based on the size of the area that you are interested in treating. A large area like the abdomen could require 2 to 4 applicators in one session which would cost anywhere from $1400 - 3000 while a smaller area like the double chin only around $600-800.


Your consultation will provide you will a price customized to your concerns and number of areas that can be successfully treated.

FAQ  |   How long is it per treatment?

We have the newest applicators called CoolAdvantage (Shorter treatments, more effective and more comfortable). Each applicator is applied for ~30min. Since we have 2 machines, we are able to apply 2 applicators at once which reduces your treatment time in half.


For example:


  1. If you were treating your love handles, this would take about 1/2 hour since both sides can be treated at once.
  2. If we were treating you lower abdomen (2 applications usually needed) and your love handles then it would take just over an hour. We could treat one side of your lower abdomen and one love handle the first ~1/2 hour, then the other ones the next ~1/2 hour.

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