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How long before my breast implants drop?

When breast implants are placed into a submuscular position, the normal reaction of the body is to contract the muscles and abnormally elevate the breast implants. In addition the skin is tighter and needs to relax as well. Over the course of a few weeks to a few months, the implants will continue to drop into a more natural position. They will continue to look more natural over the course of 9-12 months but most of the dropping occurs in the first 3 months.

This is a 28 year old female who wanted breast implants but not a lift. She was on the borderline for needing a lift but using a technique called Dual Plane Augmentation combined with the use of anatomically shaped highly cohesive (Gummy Bear) silicone implants, we were able to achieve an excellent result. She went from a 34 B cup to a 34 D cup.

Breast Implants Dropping Over the Months

How can I fix my uneven breasts (asymmetry)?

Uneven breasts or breast asymmetry is very common. In fact, almost every women if they look close enough will see that they have some difference between their breasts. For some women however, the difference can be very dramatic or noticeable. One side may be only an A cup while the other side could be a C cup. There are several reasons for this such as chest wall deformities which limit the growth and size of the breast or developmental abnormalities in which the breast does not develop properly or even at all.


For chest wall deformities, the chest wall is more sunken in on that side and the breast may look normal but is smaller and does not project out as far. This is why 3D imaging with the Vectra is so important. It can detect chest wall asymmetries and allow us to chose a larger and high profile implant on the smaller side to provide the best result.

This patient was an A cup on the right and a small B on the left. Her chest wall was depressed on the right side.  A High Profile 400cc Silicone Implant was placed on the right and a Moderate+ Profile  339cc Silicone Implant was placed on the left. She is now a full C cup on both sides.

Uneven Breasts Corrected with Breast Implants

Will I lose too much upper pole fullness if I get anatomical shaped implants?

We use highly cohesive shaped silicone implants from both Natrelle and Sientra here at Augusta Plastic Surgery for those patients who desire a slightly more natural appearance. There will be only a subtle decrease in the upper pole fullness for most patients because even in round implants there is some natural sagging and decrease in upper pole fullness over time.

This patient was an A cup on the right and a full C on the left. Shaped highly cohesive silicone implants were placed underneath muscle. 375 cc.

 A to a full C Cup.

Breast Augmentation with Style 410 375 cc Shaped Gummy Bear Silicone Implants

What is a liquid face lift?

A liquid face lift is a nonsurgical method to rejuvenate the face. Dr. Ewart performs this procedure by combining Botox, Juvederm, and Voluma. Botox is used to rejuvenate the forehead, frown lines and crows feet. Juvederm is used to fill the nasolabial folds and marionette areas and Voluma is used to lift and fill flattened cheeks. For more information about these procedures goto our Botox and Filler Page.

Liquid Facelift by Dr. Christopher Ewart

What is a rectus diastasis?

Rectus diastasis is thinning and separation of the midline fascia of the abdominal wall between the rectus muscles. This occurs as a result of abdominal expansion usually seen after pregnancy or with massive weight gain. The symptoms are less core strength, an increased abdominal bulge or pooch, and an unattractive separation in the midline of the abdomen.


Rectus diastasis can be corrected with plication (sewing) of the abdominal wall, usually performed during a tummy tuck.

Rectus diastasis repair with a tummy tuck
Mini tummy tuck and rectus diastasis repair by Dr. Christopher Ewart






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