Procedure Time

2-4 Hours

Recovery Time

2 weeks Basic
4 weeks Full

Approximate Cost


Our Vision for Buttock Augmentation

Our goal is to provide superior results while not compromising on patient safety, comfort and experience. While we cannot guarantee that every patient will have the perfect experience, we strive to make that happen. Our technique for narrowing the waistline with significantly enhance your buttock contour along with the fat grafting.



Common Concerns

  1. I have no buttocks
  2. The shape is not there
  3. No projection of my buttocks
  4. I want to move my fat from my waist to my buttock
  5. Get rid of the square shape
  6. I want more buttock fullness

Frequently Asked Questions

Buttock Augmentation — Fat Grafting

Fat Grafting (Brazilian Butt Lift) — This is the most common type of augmentation. Fat can be removed from almost anywhere such as the abdomen, thighs, waist, and back and reinjected into the buttocks.





How does Buttock Fat Grafting work?

  • Fat Harvesting — Fat is carefully harvested from the abdomen, waist, thighs and lower back with liposuction to create a thinner and more curved waistline while at the same time providing fat to be transferred to the buttock.
  • Fat Purification — The harvested fat must then be decanted which involves removing the oil and serous fluid so that when the fat is injected, the highest percentage possible can survive.
  • Fat Injection — The fat is artistically injected into the buttocks from deep to superficial to provide an improved shape and projection.


What kind of results can I expect from fat grafting?

Ideal Recovery Position

  1.  The more fat you have the more we can inject but there is a limit. Those without much fat will sometimes gain weight to enhance their results.
  2.  Those patients who have tight depressed skin and a poor shape to start with will still have a significant improvement but tight skin can limit how much fat can be injected and survive.
  3. Fat survival varies from patient to patient. In order to maximize your results, it is imperative that the patient follows the post-op instructions.

Post-Op Instructions