Procedure Time

No more than 30 minutes.

Recovery Time

No downtime

Approximate Cost


Triton is an ultra fast hair removal treatment that can treat large areas in 20-30 mins. Hair is reduced with each treatment and results are observed after four to six sessions. The number of sessions will differ depending on your hair color, hair type, body area and skin tone. Treatments are more comfortable compared to other laser hair removal systems.

Common Concerns

Restrictions: No sun-tanning, waxing or plucking for the duration of the treatment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can all skin types be treated?


Does the treatment hurt?

The cooling mechanism provides a cool sensation before, during and after the laser is fired, making treatments comfortable and tolerable. 

What hair types can be treated?

Any except for blonde or grey.

What is Triton?

Triton MachineThe world’s first multi-wavelength workstation, the Triton is the only hair removal option that combines the three most popular wavelengths in one platform, using Fusion Technology, to address all skin types and tones.

The mosaic combination of wavelengths address hair removal at different stages of the hair growth cycle. This means that deep hairs can be treated at the same time as newly emerging follicles. Thus, patients can see greater results in fewer sessions.