Procedure Time

30-45 minutes

Recovery Time

There is minimal down time, if treating the face, you can resume wearing make-up after 24 hours and working out 48 hours after.

Approximate Cost

With PRP: $750-$950


Common Concerns

  1. I have fine lines and wrinkles on my face
  2. Acne scars and other body scars
  3. Stretch marks
  4. Neck creases appearing
  5. My skin is showing signs of aging
  6. My skin looks dull
  7. I have noticeable pores
  8. Melasma and vitiligo

Frequently Asked Questions

How many treatments are standard?

We recommend patients schedule a SkinPen treatment once every 3-4 months.

Is the SkinPen treatment painful?

We apply a topical numbing cream all over the treatment area to reduce the discomfort.

Is there any downtime?

There is no downtime. We only require you to not exercise for 48 hours or wear make-up for 24 hours.

What is the benefit of adding PRP?

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) uses your skin’s natural properties and ability to repair damaged tissues. This results in faster healing times.

Using a small sample of your blood, the blood is spun, resulting in enriched plasma that can be applied where it is needed.

When will I see results?

SkinPen results may be noticeable after the first treatment.